Heyyyy my loves!!! Cue Bryson Tiller...cause I’m back and I’m BETTER! I’m so excited to relaunch my blog! I thought the best way to start is to take it back to why I left for so long. 


Rewind to December of 2018. At barely 31, I was feeling myself wayyyy too much. I mean, I had the perfect little family, career, figure, friends, and sense of fashion! Everything in my life seemed so “perfect”. Sadly though, I felt like it was all my doing that created this amazing life, and I forgot about God’s grace.  

2018 literally started day one with life changing tragedy after tragedy. Everything I thought I’d perfectly placed together rapidly fell apart. Though I had many things, I had nothing to emotionally carry me through. The high horse I was riding on came crashing down faster than I could ever imagine. 

Of course for awhile I played victim, and continuously asked God how he could let me go through so much? Why He didn’t think I deserved to be happy. After time, I stopped looking at the loss...and discovered the beautiful lesson. 

I’ve learned that humility doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself. It means thinking of yourself less. I continue to be confident in the hard work I put in each day and the woman I am. What’s different is that I KNOW that who I am, all that I am, all that I have is because God’s grace sustains me. I’m reminded of each dark day and how in those moments when I had no one, I had him. 

Im truly humbled by the loss because I’ve learned I’m not invincible.  I’m truly grateful for the lessons because I’ve learned to depend on God alone. I’m truly better because the strength I’ve gained will push me to move mountains in my life! 

I’m so excited to be back to what I love, with new joy, new enthusiasm, and a new perspective on womanhood, love, motherhood, and style! 

Thank you all for being patient. Thank you for encouraging me continuously. Stay tuned for my newfound journey of faith!