I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. -Unknown    

I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. -Unknown 


I have to admit, I've been completely off my game lately. I'm usually calm and composed, but recently I've had to give myself lots of heart checks to reset my attitude, focus, and gratefulness.

I've had this lingering feeling of being overwhelmed and yet feeling like I'm missing out on something better. This is in part due to being a wife, a mom, and a working woman pursuing her dreams! I feel like I'm constantly at work for my family and my career, so I often don't get a moment to just enjoy being me (I'm working on it). Ultimately, as selfish as it may seem I started to feel like I am missing out on the fun, care free life I once had. 

I was quickly reminded by a close friend that I once prayed for all of the things I have now. I remember looking for love and praying for a Godly husband. I remember wanting a baby so badly. I remember being broke and wishing for a successful career. And God granted me all of that and so much more! How dare I complain?

My heart checks challenge me to SEE BEAUTY in everything life sends my way. When my house is a mess, I am still grateful to have a home. When I don't have a moment to myself, I'm grateful to be so loved by my daughter that she never wants to leave my side. When it seems like my to-do list will never end, I'm grateful for the power to do ALL THINGS through Christ. I'm grateful. For it all.

I challenge you to SEE BEAUTY in the things that seem hard or overwhelming for you. Those things will pass and will be memories. Live in the moment, and tackle each day with a heart full of GRATITUDE!