Be Still...

He says, "Be still and know that I am God"...  

Psalms 46:10


Have you ever felt like you're invisible? Purposeless? Not living up to your full potential?

Lately I've been extremely hard on myself. As a self proclaimed planner, I often set timelines for goals in my personal life as well as career. When those things don't go as planned, I find myself feeling like I've failed, when in reality that isn't the case. 

Stepping out on faith is hard. Simply put. You wonder why people aren't supporting you. You wonder why things aren't  moving faster. You wonder if every opportunity for greatness is just going to pass you by.  

After a serious heart check, I remembered the words "Be still and know." God's timing is perfect. His path is perfect. His will is perfect. Many times we can't see why he's delaying that new job, that relationship, that instant success...but I know for a fact that his hands are the best place for my life to be. Whatever the reason, I find peace in knowing that the path and life he has designed for me WILL be granted to me if I continue to stay in his will. 

Stop doubting. Stop worrying. Stop fearing the worst. Know that the God of heaven and earth loves you incredibly! Even when you fail, he won't!  

Be still and watch God work on your behalf!