So Long...

There is only one day left before a new year begins and all down my timelines, I see countless posts about resolutions and how “different” people will be once the clock strikes twelve.

I get it. With the end of one year, comes reflection. And that’s the way it should be. But I can’t help to think of the fact that by February, most of these so called changes are long forgotten, and we’ve settled back into our old ways.

So instead of creating these resolutions, I wanted reflect on what I’ve learned throughout this year.

2017 has easily been one of THE toughest years I’ve ever endured. Hands down. I could write a book on what I’ve been through, but I’ll spare the dramatics. Long story short, my career was emotionally toxic, I felt detached from many friends I’d known for years, and I spent most of the year feeling lonely and invisible

It got hard. And truthfully, many times I let the circumstances defeat me. I gave up, only to get back up and try again. I tried new things, but felt so much disappointment when it didn’t work out how I imagined, or when things felt out of my own control.

Sadly, even my faith wavered. 2017 literally shook me to my core. I couldn’t understand why God wasn’t hearing my prayers. Why he let me get hurt by the people closest to me. Why he didn’t allow me to move in the direction I THOUGHT was best...

This year was a year of isolation, and for much of the year I didn’t get it but I do now. In order to do what you’ve been called to do...sometimes you have to separate yourself. Sometimes you have to walk alone. And you have to be ok with that.

More importantly, this year taught me that I’m not in control. That’s where my faith has to take over. Trusting God’s plan, and especially his timing is hard when you are used to being in control and having the perfect plan in place.

As I close this year, I’m truly grateful. Each tear I cried was nourishment to the harvest I’ve now reaped. In the final hours of this year, I’ve had a turn around in my career, I have learned to appreciate genuine friendships, and I know that I’m never alone, for God is with me.

As you close this year and start a new chapter, take the time to reflect on God’s faithfulness. No matter HOW HARD your year may have seemed, you made it! A fresh start is just around the corner, and you have the choice to make it beautiful by living each moment with a heart of gratitude.

So long to the memories of 2017. Have a safe and happy new year FABS!