Hate to go all Beyonce (actually I really don't), but have you ever felt like life is just giving you lemons?! That's been me lately, in a super funk and getting pump faked left and right. Summer break is over, and my stress level is beyond imagination. Nevertheless, I'm finding ways to be grateful and find happiness in even the most unfortunate situations. 

Every time I find myself complaining, I think about all the blessings I've received. Some I don't even deserve. When it gets hard, I'm finding ways to make lemonade out of this hard life! All these trials will soon be memories, and I'll have so much to show for my struggles! 

If you're feeling like me, don't give up! There's a beautiful rainbow on the other side of the storm. Push through Queens!

So now...about this look! 

I been in love with espadrille shoes since they were a big trend about ten years ago. I remember the aztec print wedge that I wore until the heel came undone. Lol. When the trend faded way back when, I was admittedly pretty heartbroken about it. Now, they're back in style, and cuter than ever! I love that these little babies provide comfort, style, and a pop of color all in one! The cuties I'm wearing were found at Just Fab and were only $9.95 with a monthly subscription to their VIP Boutique (ssssh, don't tell hubby)! What I like about this site is that it's so personalized to your unique style, so you always end up with great options! The shoes have proven to be high quality, and pretty durable as well. 

Great shoes are nothing without a great bag, so I paired the espadrilles with a poppin' neon yellow crossbody bag from Guess. I knew when I laid eyes on this bag, it had to go home with me! A perfect purchase that adds a nice compliment to the outfit. 

Since the shoes and bag were my focal points here, I decided to go pretty simple with the rest of the outfit. Since it was a rainy day, I opted for ripped denim found here, a white bodysuit from H&M, and a khaki utility vest from my new favorite place, CATO! The simplicity of these pieces allowed the shoes and bag to shine, while still being stylish enough to make the look a winner.

It doesn't take much to make a look really stand out! What are your favorite statement pieces? I'd love to see how you're making heads turn this Summer!