Live Pretty

I was recently asked by a few inspirational women what pretty means to me. Many moons ago, I would've gone right into describing all of my favorite physical features. But I've grown. I've realized that pretty is much more than what we can see on the outside of a woman. Pretty to me is being a light and a help to others. Providing a smile when there is no reason to, being peace in the midst of chaos, sharing hope in despair. Pretty isn't what you are, but what you give to those around you. 

Let your heart be as beautiful as what we see on the outside. Share some of your PRETTY with someone today. Let your light shine! 

NOW, about this outfit! 

I received this shirt from a wonderful company, PRETTYCLEANCO , and I couldn't wait to rock it! I l love the simplicity of the garment, but I love the company's mission even more! 

When I saw a t-shirt, I initially thought to pair it with jeans and some fly kicks, but I later decided to go way opposite and dress up the look in typical FAB fashion. 

I went for a full tulle skirt in a universally flattering below the knee length. I love this skirt because it literally moves with me, and hides the food baby I've had for the past few months! 

To add a pop to the black and white, I went for red caged heels and a red lip for the finishing touch. 

I hope that you'll continue to #livepretty. Share kindness. Be empathetic. Serve others. Live pretty, and live FABULOUSLY!