Smell The Roses

My favorite thing about this time of year is being off of work! I absolutely love being an educator, but nothing beats free time for girls trips and fun time with my sweet baby girl! I've spent the past few weeks stopping to smell the roses in my life. Enjoying quality time with the ones you love most sure will make you feel like a brand new woman! 

Now, about this outfit! Since it's already scorching in Atlanta, one of my favorite Summer staples is shorts. Finding great shorts, however, can be a pretty tricky task. 

While I love shorts, I'm always super conscious about the length and fit them. I mean, I can't have my bottom hanging out every time I bend down to scoop up a crying toddler! I look for shorts that aren't super short, and I opt for fabrics that don't move much so that my garment stays in place no matter how I'm moving. 

I love these particular shorts because of the bright color, and the floral pattern. Florals are a huge trend this season, and the shorts incorporated them in a playful, flirty way. To keep the focus on this statement, I pair them with a solid flowy white blouse that I found while thrifting many years ago! To top it all off, I played up one of the hues in the shorts by adding a shoe in a same color! Who doesn't love a good matching, comfortable, sexy shoe?!


Whatever your Summer plans are, don't forget to take time to enjoy life. Do something that inspires you, uplifts you, and just genuinely makes you happy. Take time to smell the roses, and look FAB doing it!