Frugal Florals

Happy Sunday Fabs! I hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine. I've spent lots of quality time with my little family, but I also got some alone time to stalk the latest trends and shop my closet for some updated looks!

As I watched countless webinars and looked through current magazines, I noticed a repeated pattern of florals! I immediately fell in love with this current trend, and knew right away that I could tackle it without spending a dime! 

I pulled out this lovely two piece set from a few years ago. When I bought it, It was a little too big and seemed too busy. But thanks to my daughter for providing a few extra inches, and the fashion gurus for seeing the light, this outfit is now perfection!

I love it because it incorporates florals in an edgy way. It The bright colors are amazing for Spring, and it easily pairs with a simple shoe. Best of all, I scored the ENTIRE outfit at TJ MAXX for under $40! 


It's so amazing to see how fashion trends always come back full circle. What trends can you shop in your own closet? Give your current wardrobe a peek, and see how you can frugally piece together some FABULOUS looks!

Have a great week, and happy closet shopping!