Black & White

Black and White. The perfect balance. You may already know that simplicity is my fashion staple, but the other rule I try to abide by is balance. When I say that, I don't necessarily mean color scheme or pattern. I'm willing to live a little, but my balance comes with playing up your assets without being over the top!

Think back to the early 90s. Besides the music, one of the things I loved most about this era was the fashion. I mean, who wasn't crushing over Aaliyah's crop tops and baggy jeans?! I love how balanced style was then. Girls didn't feel the need to squeeze themselves into skin tight clothes everyday to feel fly! They stuck to effortless looks that played up one part while keeping an aura of mystery. Today, I implement this feel into my looks in a more modern, sophisticated way. 

When choosing an outfit, one of the first questions I ask myself is what do I want to accentuate? I stick to highlighting a particular feature, and use my clothes and accessories to accentuate the look. In this look, I decided to be brave and play up my upper body. I chose a sleek, faux leather crop top to show off my abs (which are a work in progress), and arms. To balance this fitted top, I paired it with a high waisted a line skirt. The skirt is flowy and simple stripes keep the attention centered on the top. 

There are so many ways that you can implement balance into your wardrobe. Pair a crop top with boyfriend jeans. Try a a bodysuit with wide leg trousers. A flowy top with a bodycon skirt! The possibilities are truly endless. 

The key is to focus on one piece to look well put together, and to accentuate your favorite features. Bring back the 90s feel, and dare to be a little different!