Rose In Concrete

Let's face it, our world isn't as beautiful as it once was. That can be taken literally, or figuratively. What I notice is that so many young women have become callous, or feel like they have to conform to what's around them.  



When I see so many people trying desperately to be the same, it saddens me. I'll admit, I was once this girl. I wanted to be loved so badly that I did whatever and followed whoever just to feel like I fit in.  

Overtime, I developed a love for myself by building a true relationship with Christ. I learned to accept who I was and to change the things about me that I could not accept.  



I'm different. And proud. I no longer feel like I have to wear hair down to my behind, or the tightest dress to feel beautiful. I no longer have to pretend to have a hard heart or hide my true feelings.  



Once you learn to love YOU, the world looks a lot different. You begin to see beautiful all around you. In a world full of concrete, be the rose that blooms. 



Romper: JCP

Shoes: Jessica Simpson  

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack

Watch : Michael Kors

Bangle: Charlotte Russe