What’s In My Makeup Bag (And what you need in yours)!

Believe it or not, I’m much more low maintenance than people think. I hate carrying a lot, I hate clutter, and I’m totally not a product junkie. Even as a makeup fanatic, when I’m on the go, I keep it pretty simple with some multifunctional items for any occasion. 

If you don’t have a makeup bag, who are you? Lol, I kid. Grab one, and get ready to fill it with these goodies! 

1. Foundation. This is a no brainer. While I don’t opt for foundation every day, when I need it, it’s important to have. My current favorite drugstore brand is Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth in the color toffee. It gives this really pretty sheen without feeling too heavy. Plus, it’s under $10!! 

2. Small Eyeshadow pallete. I know, you’re probably thinking about how extra I am. Hear me out. One amazing pallete, like the Dose of Colors Friendcation Palette can served soooo many purposes. This one took care of my eyeshadow, became my highlighter, contour shade, and blush! No need to throw in those extra items when it’s all here! See, I’m low maintenance! Lol. 

3. Mascara. Self explanatory. Unless you were blessed with the eyelashes of a young boy, you need a little something to give your eyes that extra bit of sass. You could also add false lashes to the bag if you’re feeling brave. 

4. Powder Compact. This item serves multiple purposes as well. One, it provides extra coverage and knocks down on oily skin after extended wear. Next, it serves as a mirror for applying your makeup. 

5. Lipstick. I generally throw a neutral shade in my bag because it fits any look or occasion. Feel free to add in some classic colors like red or pink. 

6. Eyebrow pencil. I don’t care if the world is ending, you will NOT catch me with poorly shaped or shaded brows! An eyebrow pencil is a must for filling in sparse areas and getting the perfect shape. Use foundation to clean up the shape. An eyebrow pencil can also double as a lip liner for a neutral shade. 

7. Lastly, makeup brushes/tools! If I didn’t have to carry a bag, I’d throw in all fifty of my brushes. But since I do, I throw in four and keep it moving. First, I include a spoolie because I once again will not be caught slipping with bad brows. Next, I add a foundation brush which also serves for contouring and blush. My fluffy brush is to apply shadow to my crease, provide blending and highlighter to my nose and other areas. Lastly, my flat brush applies shadows to my lids. 

Less than 10 products and you’re good to go! Tell me, what’s in your makeup bag? What are some products I can add to mine?  



Hey FABS! 

Maybe you’re a makeup addict like myself. Maybe you’re a beginner and looking for ways to add some glam to your daily look. Either way, I got you girl! 

I’m excited to announce my first giveaway! Winner will receive the #friendcation palette from the #desikaty Dose of Colors collection, as well as the most wanted OVER THE TOP lip gloss. 

To Enter:

1. Follow me on IG: @faithnfab

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3. Comment your bestie for an additional entry!  

Winner will be selected 9/30 at 6pm. 






Hate to go all Beyonce (actually I really don't), but have you ever felt like life is just giving you lemons?! That's been me lately, in a super funk and getting pump faked left and right. Summer break is over, and my stress level is beyond imagination. Nevertheless, I'm finding ways to be grateful and find happiness in even the most unfortunate situations. 

Every time I find myself complaining, I think about all the blessings I've received. Some I don't even deserve. When it gets hard, I'm finding ways to make lemonade out of this hard life! All these trials will soon be memories, and I'll have so much to show for my struggles! 

If you're feeling like me, don't give up! There's a beautiful rainbow on the other side of the storm. Push through Queens!

So now...about this look! 

I been in love with espadrille shoes since they were a big trend about ten years ago. I remember the aztec print wedge that I wore until the heel came undone. Lol. When the trend faded way back when, I was admittedly pretty heartbroken about it. Now, they're back in style, and cuter than ever! I love that these little babies provide comfort, style, and a pop of color all in one! The cuties I'm wearing were found at Just Fab and were only $9.95 with a monthly subscription to their VIP Boutique (ssssh, don't tell hubby)! What I like about this site is that it's so personalized to your unique style, so you always end up with great options! The shoes have proven to be high quality, and pretty durable as well. 

Great shoes are nothing without a great bag, so I paired the espadrilles with a poppin' neon yellow crossbody bag from Guess. I knew when I laid eyes on this bag, it had to go home with me! A perfect purchase that adds a nice compliment to the outfit. 

Since the shoes and bag were my focal points here, I decided to go pretty simple with the rest of the outfit. Since it was a rainy day, I opted for ripped denim found here, a white bodysuit from H&M, and a khaki utility vest from my new favorite place, CATO! The simplicity of these pieces allowed the shoes and bag to shine, while still being stylish enough to make the look a winner.

It doesn't take much to make a look really stand out! What are your favorite statement pieces? I'd love to see how you're making heads turn this Summer! 

We Wear Short Shorts!

"Dressing well is a form of good manners." - Tom Ford

"Dressing well is a form of good manners." - Tom Ford

BBQs, sleeping in, vacations...there are SO many things to love about the warmer seasons! One of my favorite things about Summer is the effortless style that takes place. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for jazzing it up with layers and layers, but nothing is easier than throwing a sundress and heading out the door. 

Usually, a quick dress is my staple item for the Summer. But lately, I've been trying expand my horizons and  try something new. I've pretty much fallen in love with printed shorts, and am now a firm believe that they are the way to be Summer ready, but still look well put together. 

When it comes to shorts for me, the shorter the length, the better! In addition to it being ridiculously hot in Atlanta, "short shorts" enhance the length of my legs, giving me an overall lean and poised appearance. 

By now, you all know I LOVE  a good bargain! So when I was forced into a store that I would've never given a second look (Thanks, Mom!), I was absolutely certain that I wouldn't find a thing.  As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with these beauties! In addition to the fit, I adore the printed pattern and immediately thought of ways I could style them. The fabric is super soft, but stays put so that you aren't accidentally flashing your goods to the world. And for-GET READY LADIES!- only $3.99, I absolutely couldn't pass them up! Although I don't normally shop there, I was impressed with the selection Catofashions.com had to offer. Plus the sales were INSANE! 

Although I do love a good sky high short, I'm still a wife and mommy, and showing sophistication in each outfit is a big deal for me. So to offset the shorts, I pair them with a longer utility vest that I found at Old Navy. The vest provides a light, additional layer that adds style as well as comfort. I felt a lot more comfortable moving with the vest on, knowing that it would hide any weird shift of the shorts when I move or bend. 

Lastly, I shopped my own closet for another Summer fave, wedged heels! I knew I'd be walking(or running, rather) around with a toddler and that comfort was key! These bangers were perfect for that and added a punch a sass to complete the outfit. 


I hope that you'll try this summer staple: shorts! I'd love to see your looks and how your put pieces together FABULOUSLY! 

Pretty soon, I'll be back at work...reminiscing on Summer days. Until then, here's to BBQs, vacations, and effortless fashion. Happy Summer! 


Smell The Roses

My favorite thing about this time of year is being off of work! I absolutely love being an educator, but nothing beats free time for girls trips and fun time with my sweet baby girl! I've spent the past few weeks stopping to smell the roses in my life. Enjoying quality time with the ones you love most sure will make you feel like a brand new woman! 

Now, about this outfit! Since it's already scorching in Atlanta, one of my favorite Summer staples is shorts. Finding great shorts, however, can be a pretty tricky task. 

While I love shorts, I'm always super conscious about the length and fit them. I mean, I can't have my bottom hanging out every time I bend down to scoop up a crying toddler! I look for shorts that aren't super short, and I opt for fabrics that don't move much so that my garment stays in place no matter how I'm moving. 

I love these particular shorts because of the bright color, and the floral pattern. Florals are a huge trend this season, and the shorts incorporated them in a playful, flirty way. To keep the focus on this statement, I pair them with a solid flowy white blouse that I found while thrifting many years ago! To top it all off, I played up one of the hues in the shorts by adding a shoe in a same color! Who doesn't love a good matching, comfortable, sexy shoe?!


Whatever your Summer plans are, don't forget to take time to enjoy life. Do something that inspires you, uplifts you, and just genuinely makes you happy. Take time to smell the roses, and look FAB doing it! 


Live Pretty

I was recently asked by a few inspirational women what pretty means to me. Many moons ago, I would've gone right into describing all of my favorite physical features. But I've grown. I've realized that pretty is much more than what we can see on the outside of a woman. Pretty to me is being a light and a help to others. Providing a smile when there is no reason to, being peace in the midst of chaos, sharing hope in despair. Pretty isn't what you are, but what you give to those around you. 

Let your heart be as beautiful as what we see on the outside. Share some of your PRETTY with someone today. Let your light shine! 

NOW, about this outfit! 

I received this shirt from a wonderful company, PRETTYCLEANCO , and I couldn't wait to rock it! I l love the simplicity of the garment, but I love the company's mission even more! 

When I saw a t-shirt, I initially thought to pair it with jeans and some fly kicks, but I later decided to go way opposite and dress up the look in typical FAB fashion. 

I went for a full tulle skirt in a universally flattering below the knee length. I love this skirt because it literally moves with me, and hides the food baby I've had for the past few months! 

To add a pop to the black and white, I went for red caged heels and a red lip for the finishing touch. 

I hope that you'll continue to #livepretty. Share kindness. Be empathetic. Serve others. Live pretty, and live FABULOUSLY! 

Black & White

Black and White. The perfect balance. You may already know that simplicity is my fashion staple, but the other rule I try to abide by is balance. When I say that, I don't necessarily mean color scheme or pattern. I'm willing to live a little, but my balance comes with playing up your assets without being over the top!

Think back to the early 90s. Besides the music, one of the things I loved most about this era was the fashion. I mean, who wasn't crushing over Aaliyah's crop tops and baggy jeans?! I love how balanced style was then. Girls didn't feel the need to squeeze themselves into skin tight clothes everyday to feel fly! They stuck to effortless looks that played up one part while keeping an aura of mystery. Today, I implement this feel into my looks in a more modern, sophisticated way. 

When choosing an outfit, one of the first questions I ask myself is what do I want to accentuate? I stick to highlighting a particular feature, and use my clothes and accessories to accentuate the look. In this look, I decided to be brave and play up my upper body. I chose a sleek, faux leather crop top to show off my abs (which are a work in progress), and arms. To balance this fitted top, I paired it with a high waisted a line skirt. The skirt is flowy and simple stripes keep the attention centered on the top. 

There are so many ways that you can implement balance into your wardrobe. Pair a crop top with boyfriend jeans. Try a a bodysuit with wide leg trousers. A flowy top with a bodycon skirt! The possibilities are truly endless. 

The key is to focus on one piece to look well put together, and to accentuate your favorite features. Bring back the 90s feel, and dare to be a little different! 



Frugal Florals

Happy Sunday Fabs! I hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine. I've spent lots of quality time with my little family, but I also got some alone time to stalk the latest trends and shop my closet for some updated looks!

As I watched countless webinars and looked through current magazines, I noticed a repeated pattern of florals! I immediately fell in love with this current trend, and knew right away that I could tackle it without spending a dime! 

I pulled out this lovely two piece set from a few years ago. When I bought it, It was a little too big and seemed too busy. But thanks to my daughter for providing a few extra inches, and the fashion gurus for seeing the light, this outfit is now perfection!

I love it because it incorporates florals in an edgy way. It The bright colors are amazing for Spring, and it easily pairs with a simple shoe. Best of all, I scored the ENTIRE outfit at TJ MAXX for under $40! 


It's so amazing to see how fashion trends always come back full circle. What trends can you shop in your own closet? Give your current wardrobe a peek, and see how you can frugally piece together some FABULOUS looks!

Have a great week, and happy closet shopping!


Rose In Concrete

Let's face it, our world isn't as beautiful as it once was. That can be taken literally, or figuratively. What I notice is that so many young women have become callous, or feel like they have to conform to what's around them.  



When I see so many people trying desperately to be the same, it saddens me. I'll admit, I was once this girl. I wanted to be loved so badly that I did whatever and followed whoever just to feel like I fit in.  

Overtime, I developed a love for myself by building a true relationship with Christ. I learned to accept who I was and to change the things about me that I could not accept.  



I'm different. And proud. I no longer feel like I have to wear hair down to my behind, or the tightest dress to feel beautiful. I no longer have to pretend to have a hard heart or hide my true feelings.  



Once you learn to love YOU, the world looks a lot different. You begin to see beautiful all around you. In a world full of concrete, be the rose that blooms. 



Romper: JCP

Shoes: Jessica Simpson  

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack

Watch : Michael Kors

Bangle: Charlotte Russe